Land Use Planning & Design

Implementation Through Intentional Planning and Design

As a leading provider of design and concept development planning services, our planning and design efforts have resulted in award-winning projects that are implementable and realistic. Our work is founded in our ability to listen and effectively communicate with our clients and stakeholders, while also balancing the realities of economic and sustainable development.


Land Evaluations

What can I do with this piece of property?  –  We have answered this question countless times with our land evaluation process.  Consider the land evaluation process, the first step in due diligence.  A number of site keys need to be addressed prior to answering the question above.  We will walk you through this process step-by-step based on your individual risk tolerance.

Property Summary

This is a quick compilation of information of record to help evaluate the initial property potential.  We will discuss our findings and work with you on the critical next steps towards a viable project.

Land Use Evaluation

This takes a deeper dive than a property summary, getting into the property potential. It will often involve preliminary design calculations, municipal and agency discussions and other significant site keys.  It is not yet to the level of full site due diligence, but offers a more clear picture of what risks may lie ahead.

Site Due Diligence

Most often this process does not start until the general development strategy has been established.  This stage involves engaging our Land Surveyors, Civil Engineers, and various other consultants as needed.  The scope is typically to prepare an accurate site base map of existing conditions and begin detailed analysis of those conditions for impact on future development.  This is sometimes completed before schematic design drawings, but most often completed before the schematic stage turns to design development drawings.

Property Master Plans

Developments are done in various sizes.  A master plan for the entire development site as well as future potential areas is good forward planning.  Whether the current tract is 20 acres of 2500 or more acres, we can help craft the appropriate overall site master plan.  Depending on the site goals, these master plans could include a mixture of uses and product types.  These master plans could be urban revitalizations, suburban and obsolete property improvements, or rural greenfield areas for new development.  We have experience in all areas and enjoy planning for the future.  We will work with you on your overall site strategy and determine the level of detail necessary for the master planning of your site.

Site Planning

Often times a site plan design is thought of as something smaller than a couple of acres.  In reality, site plans can be the next shopping mall or industrial complex.  Our Land Planning team works closely with our Civil and Survey team to develop a practical plan which will obtain municipal approval.  We understand the small details needed to create the next great place.  We listen to your goals and objectives, and then prepare the best solution to fit your site strategy.

Development Strategy & Approval

You will find working with Nederveld is not about putting lines on paper or making the presentation plans look pretty.  We certainly can do all of that very well, however those lines and colors would be worth nothing if your development was not successful.

We take pride in our years of knowledge working through developments of all sizes.  We have the team members to engage with you on executing the appropriate strategy for your development goals.  Maximum yield is not a strategy if you miss the market price point for the likely buyer demographic.

Even the best designed, most well thought out development plans need to obtain municipal and agency approval.  We work with you to balance your goals and the requirements of those we encounter through the development process.  Often times community stakeholders and neighbors can be influential in approval decisions.  We understand these likely interactions and work with you on anticipating key areas to be addressed through the development process.

You will truly enjoy your experience having our team on your team.

Public Strategies

Maximize the Urban Experience by Effectively Designing the Spaces Between the Buildings

The goal is to shape a Vision and Development Strategy that simultaneously:

  • Stimulates private investment in the best use of public property.
  • Strengthens the neighborhood’s public realm, connectivity, and other urban fundamentals.
  • Catalyzes new jobs, residences, and increased tax base.

The Nederveld team includes accomplished individuals who understand specific site issues and the art of individual buildings. Our skilled practitioners also bring proven urban design vision and expertise.

Community Master Plans

Creating a vision for a town or section of town.  We understand what it’s like to live, work, play, and invest in the city. On a daily basis we walk, bike, bus, and drive to and through the city. Our neighborhood planning initiatives in particular have demonstrated a proven ability to bring people together, cast a common vision for their community, and leverage the investment necessary to turn plans into reality.

As a leading provider of master planning services, our planning and design efforts have incorporated comprehensive public input for municipal clients, resulting in award-winning projects that are implementable and realistic. Our work is founded in our ability to listen and effectively communicate with our clients and stakeholders, while also balancing the realities of economic and sustainable development.

Form Based Codes

Today is an exciting time for our cities. Livability, vibrancy, place making and urban design are all buzzwords as cities increasingly become places where people want to live, work and play. Providing diversity and contextual housing and building types is a cornerstone as we begin to achieve the critical mass necessary for our city building endeavors. This critical mass and the ability to steadily provide more choices and diversity without also considering the community’s context and values can lead to erosion of the place-based values that have already made the community a desirable place to be. We create the framework to balance the existing character of the community, with sensible, contextually driven infill that accentuates and enriches the community.

Creating form based codes that balance building from, urban design, and regulatory policies is essential to delivering a code that is easy to use and meaningful to the community.  We offer highly visual and easily understood commercial and residential form-based codes that will aid in ensuring that quality building types can be implemented in a way that preserves the contest of the city’s neighborhood and public realm.  We have a proven track record of implementation of zoning ordinances, specializing in user-friendly and graphic-rich form based codes.

Urban Design

The public spaces of our cities, towns, and villages are unique opportunities to activate and revitalize our urban places. These spaces between buildings, sometimes referred to as the public realm, are places for people to live, work, play and connect – the outdoor room.

The design of the public realm and the form that it takes is a core element of Nederveld’s city building and placemaking services. The largest of our public spaces include the street network and it’s edges – the sidewalk and building walls. The form and the critical interrelation of how people use the street, the sidewalk and the building are urban design.

Through careful observation, years of field research and our own experience of living and working in cities, Nederveld’s architects, planners and urban designers understand the nuance and detail required to design effective public spaces that put people first.  We inventory and analyze the surrounding real estate and use the opportunities for redevelopment and the intensity of activity; and consider how these characteristics influence building form, frontage arrangement, and urban details to create compelling places.

It’s the active, transparent and permeable edges, coherent streetscapes and connected sidewalks that makes cities and towns more vibrant and catalyzes economic development.

Implementation Strategy

It’s essential to establish the long term vision for your project and capture the hearts and minds of pertinent stakeholders to ultimately implement a successful project.  With urban development strategy we strive to balance community aspirations with market realities – while also pushing the boundaries of local urban imagination. We provide a credible tool to guide an inspired land disposition plan, leverage market forces for public purpose and accelerate building movement.

Public Outreach

Meaningful public engagement is not only a source of strength for planning and design initiatives, it’s the first obligation when the public’s property is on the drawing board. Public outreach programs solicit new ideas, identify common interests, cultivate enthusiastic support for, and ultimately implement visionary city building initiatives. The process is used in both the public and private sector for the creation of master plans, concept development plans, urban design and sometimes the educational component of form based codes. Public outreach includes meaningful engagement with citizens and stakeholders through design workshops, education, tactile exercises and other customized approaches.  Effective outreach could include urban experience walks, public input surveys, stakeholder dialogues, visioning workshops, social media toolkit and open houses to name a few.

Economic & Community Development

Embracing Research and Engaging Stakeholders are Essential for Creating a Viable Downtown Redevelopment Strategy

In order to truly create a vision and an action plan for public projects which the town can rally around, a fully disclosed public outreach process must occur.  Community support, participation, and stakeholder “buy‑in” along with well-founded, realistic market studies are crucial and necessary components of any downtown redevelopment strategy.  The realities of the current market factors discovered through a market study must be willingly and enthusiastically accepted.  And, it’s crucial to engage all stakeholders when working towards a complete understanding of the town’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

All of our community-based designs and recommendations thoroughly involve the local stakeholders of the community.  We offer design action plans that will assist you with incentive programs and how to direct development energies through a series of market studies, workshops, and planning studies. There are various types of design services we combine together, along with involving the community, to create a customized strategy for each and every client.