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From the time the assignment comes in, there are people helping you, walking you through the process, and having a continual conversation to figure out what’s best for you. We will do the work to find the answers. In fact, we will help you find the right questions.

Did you ever wonder:

  • Did they get my assignment?
  • Who is the engineer/ fire investigator?
  • When is the evaluation scheduled for?
  • Who can I ask all these questions?

Every day we are maintaining communication with you, so you know what’s going on with your assignment.

Our Promise

  • Intentional Communication
  • Reliable Service
  • Justifiable Conclusions

Your Praise

"We appreciate any time we can continue a strong partnership that is good for both sides. We appreciate companies that share our pursuit of excellent performance and pride in being knowledgeable and providing great service."  — Satisfied Client
"I really appreciated the quick responses to messages and phone calls that I had. I look forward to doing business again."  — Satisfied Client
"We have been extremely impressed with the follow up, response time and reporting from your organization. Your engineer has been great to work with as he provided us with exactly what was needed in an unprecedented amount of time. I will recommend Nederveld to my colleagues and clients and I look forward to us working together on future assignments."  — Satisfied Client

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