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Land Planning

What can I do with this piece of property?

We have answered this question countless times with our property profile process.  Consider the property profile process, the first step in due diligence.  A number of site keys need to be addressed prior to answering the question above.  We will walk you through this process step-by-step based on your individual risk tolerance.

Property Summary

This is a quick compilation of information of record to help evaluate the initial property potential.  We will discuss our findings and work with you on the critical next steps towards a viable project.

Land Use Evaluation

This takes a deeper dive than a property summary, getting into the property potential. It will often involve preliminary design calculations, municipal and agency discussions, and other significant site keys.  It is not yet to the level of full site due diligence, but offers a more clear picture of what risks may lie ahead.

Site Due Diligence

Most often this process does not start until the general development strategy has been established.  This stage involves engaging our Land Surveyors, Civil Engineers, and various other consultants as needed.  The scope is typically to prepare an accurate site base map of existing conditions and begin detailed analysis of those conditions for impact on future development.  This is sometimes completed before schematic design drawings, but most often completed before the schematic stage turns to design development drawings.

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