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Land Planning

You will find working with Nederveld is not about putting lines on paper or making the presentation plans look pretty. We certainly can do all of that very well, however those lines and colors would be worth nothing if your development was not successful.

We take pride in our years of knowledge working through developments of all sizes. We have the team members to engage with you on executing the appropriate strategy for your development goals. Maximum yield is not a strategy if you miss the market price point for the likely buyer demographic.

Even the best designed, most well thought out development plans need to obtain municipal and agency approval. We work with you to balance your goals and the requirements of those we encounter through the development process. Often times community stakeholders and neighbors can be influential in approval decisions.  We understand these likely interactions and work with you on anticipating key areas to be addressed through the development process.

You will truly enjoy your experience having our team on your team.

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