3D Laser Scanning

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Laser Scanning is the Standard for Measuring

Produces Accurate Measurements, Solves Complex Problems, and Provides the Most Consistent Project Cycles You Will Ever See

  • Fast - Measuring in HD is simply faster than traditional surveying or measuring methods for new construction, renovation and documentation projects. With the technology of our laser scanners, we are capable of collecting accurate data points at incredible speeds, which greatly increases productivity, quality and project success.
  • Accurate - Laser scanning delivers unparalleled accuracy in field data collection. The high level of detail and better-quality results provide a greater level of confidence in understanding your project. Measuring projects with laser scanning reduces down time, return site visits and construction rework. This leads to more reliable overall project schedule.
  • Efficient - All surface areas, even if in a congested, highly detailed, dangerous or inaccessible location, can be verified and recorded with little or no interruption. This very accurate collected scanned data can minimize/eliminate: Site visits, Change orders, Installation time, and Interruptions (causing delays and penalties).
  • Flexible - One of the strongest characteristics of 3D Laser Scanning. All settings can be controlled in the field, allowing the operator to tailor the data collection to the project. The scanner software communicates with a number of 3rd party applications, including: AutoCAD, REVIT, MicroStation, 3-D Studio Max, NavisWorks, and SolidWorks.
  • Safe - The ability to measure structures without the need to physically access them makes 3D Laser Scanning ideal for measuring dangerous or inaccessible areas.

Additional Design Insight Around the Existing Features

The Nederveld laser scanning team provides practical solutions that work every time. Our skilled practitioners include accomplished land surveyors and 2D/3D modeling experts who understand the scanned data and how to convert it into real, usable drawings. We continue to be innovative in serving the best interest of our clients and exceeding their expectations from project conception through completion. We are committed to being the market leader with our 3D Laser Scanning services to provide a platform which simultaneously:

  • Improves processes
  • Delivers reliable measurements
  • Reduces the overall project cost
  • Shortens the project schedule

We scan sites all over the USA, Mexico and Canada on a regular basis and even travel around the world on occasion. You’ll be surprised how efficient we can be measuring your next project.

Our Services

  • 3-D Point Clouds
  • CAD/BIM 2-D or 3-D Objects
  • 3-D Object Modeling
  • Terrain Modeling and Contouring
  • Dimensioned Exhibits
  • Plan, Profile, Elevation
  • 3-D Animations

3D Laser Scanning: The Nederveld Advantage

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