Historic Preservation

Archiving current building conditions for continuous monitoring.

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3D Laser Scanning

Archiving current conditions of a historic building is priceless. Building preservation and improvements can be easily accomplished using our laser scanning process to measure difficult dimensions and view proposed renovations from every angle. The higher level of detail and accuracy from the scanning technology will quickly and thoroughly measure and record millions of points. That, along with our innovative processes, provides very accurate, comprehensive 2D floor plans, elevations, 3D modeling or data record for future reference.

Nederveld’s team of surveying professionals are capable of solving even the most complex of surveying and engineering problems with 3D Laser Scanning. Whether you’re looking to document a historical resource or preserve your community, our innovative processes and pioneering use of leading-edge technologies allow us to continually offer our clients results-oriented solutions to meet today’s and future needs.

Combined with our scanning proficiency, surveying expertise and knowledgeable modeling team, 3D Laser Scanning makes it possible to achieve the impossible.

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