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Viewing the big picture in 3D with pre-design and engineering data collection services.

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3D Laser Scanning

Full-facility or campus mapping can be used as an intelligent asset management tool.  It enables advance virtual construction, anything from modeling new equipment within the existing floor plans and infrastructures to easily reconfiguring complex production systems.  It also reduces down time and return site visits by accurately identifying potential obstructions before installation, which leads to a more overall, reliable project schedule.

With Nederveld 3D Laser Scanning, map your entire campus and have all the data combined into one 3D model. Our deliverable allows you to virtually walk through a campus or facility in minutes while stationed in your office. In addition to your current need, scanning the full facility provides incidental data beyond your original scope of work, costing you nothing to capture, but could be priceless in the future.

Facility Mapping Is Ideal For:

  • Most traditional surveying needs
  • BIM projects
  • MEP environments
  • Site geometry
  • Facility modifications
  • Planning
  • Historic documentation

Unlike traditional surveys where there’s limited use and no incidental data, 3D laser scanning surveys are rich with information.

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