Vehicle Event Evaluations

Preserving evidence and valuable collision-related data.

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Forensic ServicesVehicle Accident Reconstruction

Using EDR (Event Data Recorder) system data and a 360°-photographic method to provide high-quality examination documentation.

Individuals involved in many minor damage incidents may initially report to law enforcement as non-injurious PDO events, with passengers later reporting or claiming injury. While incidents that result in fatalities or significant injury at the scene provide clear insight into the potential for tort exposure or a claim, incidents of a more minor nature may not have such obvious signs that a claim or lawsuit is imminent. Oftentimes, when an adjuster receives notice that a potential claim exists, the valuable evidence from the incident may no longer exist. Additionally, an attorney may have a client that seeks representation, but the collision data may not be at hand to properly evaluate the legitimacy of the claim.

In response, Nederveld has developed Low Velocity Impact (LVI) Centers to provide Vehicle Event Evaluations. This high-quality examination documentation product is an affordable solution that preserves evidence and valuable collision-related data for incidents of a minor to more severe (drive-away) nature.

LVI Center Experience

As our client, you may contact us for the arrangement of your client’s vehicle drop-off at one of our LVI Center locations. Once they arrive for their vehicle inspection appointment, they will fill out a reception form. We will pull the vehicle into one of our inspection docks, concluding within 1 hour, in most cases.


Nederveld technicians provide the following:

  • A detailed exterior inspection of the vehicle.
  • Measurable photographic documentation of the vehicle exterior.
  • Documentation of trunk and/or engine compartment for evidence of structural damage.
  • Documentation of bumper brackets and reinforcement bars for evidence of damage.
  • Documentation of seatbelt operation and emergency locking capabilities.
  • Documentation of occupant seating positions.


Nederveld technician performs imaging download of vehicle’s Event Data Recorder (if supported; not all vehicles supported, feel free to call ahead at no obligation to check on download support).

Modern vehicles have sophisticated electronics that can record a collision event utilizing an Event Data Recorder (EDR) device.

Nederveld technicians and engineers are highly trained in the download of EDR data from passenger vehicles and heavy commercial vehicles. This provides you, the client, with the assurance that a proper and non-destructive download occurred to preserve valuable collision-related evidence.


Nederveld provides the following to you via email within 48 hours of completing the service:

  • PDF version of photographs (raw photographs maintained by Nederveld for 3 years or as arranged with client).
  • PDF version of the CDR Report or other format of ACM download report (raw files maintained by Nederveld for 3 years or as arranged with client).
  • Access to the Nederveld Client Portal (WEBLINK) where you can view and download the information as needed (raw files maintained by Nederveld for 3 years or as arranged with client).
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