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Industry-leading techniques and deliverables are helping to shape the way of the future for the UAV Land Survey and UAV Inspections industries.

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With the technology of our Unmanned Aerial Vehicle fleet, we are capable of collecting accurate data with incredible flexibility, efficiency, and safety, which greatly increase productivity, quality, and project success. This technology is for far more than aerial imagery. Combined with the expertise of our remote pilots, engineers, surveyors, or our high definition scanning, and you can have solutions unparalleled in the industry.

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Nederveld’s UAV Services data collection is accurate, efficient, flexible, and safe; allowing our team to consistently provide practical solutions that work. Our skilled team understand the collected data and how to convert it into real, usable deliverables unique to your needs. We continue to be innovative in serving the best interest of our clients and exceeding their expectations. We are committed to being the market leader with our UAV Services to provide a platform which simultaneously improves processes, reduces overall costs, and shortens project cycles.

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