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Fire Investigation

Sifting through a fire loss can get complicated quickly. Knowing that your fire investigator can handle any situation they encounter is invaluable.

I am extremely happy with the product provided and the level of service provided was absolutely top notch. Your fire investigator was extremely kind, professional, approachable, and his communication skills are unmatched. The product value and knowledge your fire investigator adds to the Nederveld Team should be used as a threshold for all. - Satisfied Client

Determining the cause of a fire or explosion requires experts analyzing multiple factors and how they interact. Nederveld’s investigators always provide a level of confidence and trust that will exceed your expectations. Their experience detecting the presence or absence of arson and subrogation possibilities allows us to provide a comprehensive investigation in the most cost-efficient manner for all of your fire investigations.

When necessary, our investigators are also supported by in-house examination and testing laboratories for product testing or multi-party meetings as well as a staff of mechanical, electrical and structural engineers to assist in the laboratory or at the loss location. Our experts have been lead investigators in several areas.

  • Commercial Properties
  • Industrial Properties
  • Residential Properties
  • Vehicles
  • Watercraft/Recreational Vehicles
  • Explosion Investigations
  • Fire Protection/Sprinkler System Evaluation
  • Much More!

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