Community Design

Designing spaces that reflect the needs of the community.

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Landscape Architecture

Parks, Streetscapes, and Urban Spaces

Understanding the public realm and knowing how people use streets, parking, plazas and rooftops impacts the financial and emotional value of the community.

Creating a point of interest with a large master planned plaza will be enjoyed by the entire community.  Using the odd, left over remnant space for a pocket park adds an area for quite reflection. Flank the walkable streets with carefully placed street trees and vibrant understory plantings.  These are just a few of the vital elements that are necessary when weaving together the tapestry of a vibrant city.  Every detail of these critical spaces is noted as we work closely with municipalities, stakeholders and neighbors to create spaces that add to the emotional, financial and aesthetic value of a community.

When designed properly, well thought out urban landscapes can help invigorate a space immediately, and for years to come.

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