Commercial Design

Creating a good experience, both visually and functionally, is pivotal for future, repeat visits.

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Landscape Architecture

Increase Property Value with Intentionally Designed Space

Designing unique commercial spaces

  • Stimulates emotions of a welcoming environment
  • Strengthens the neighborhood through connectivity
  • Creates places people want to be

The Nederveld team includes accomplished landscape architects who understand how to design places people want to be at. They add value by connecting emotion to the physical space. Our skilled practitioners bring proven vision and design expertise to every project.

Impact the Visitor Experience

When developing commercial spaces the tenant’s or customer’s first impression of a property can influence its success. It’s the visually pleasing curb appeal with a serene-like quality that draws in those driving by or entering the site. Utilizing functional site features will also increase the draw to the property. An efficient and orderly vehicular and pedestrian circulation will create a good experience and is pivotal for future, repeat visits.

Our goal on all commercial projects is to incorporate these critical elements while balancing our clients’ needs and budget with municipal requirements and site opportunities and constraints.  Regardless of the size of the development and the number and tenant’s, we think through each landscape and site plan detail to help give each business the best opportunity for success.

  • Small Single Lot Use
  • Standard Multi Lot Use
  • Large Multi Lot Use
  • Mixed Use
  • Large Box
  • Hospitality
  • Resort

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