Your Upcoming Experience with a Nederveld Forensic Engineer

Welcome to your experience with Nederveld, Inc. (NEDERVELD). Our hope is that it is a pleasant one. So, let’s start there. Think about your best friend…I mean your TRUE best friend. You know, the one that frustrates you because they speak the truth to you, in love? Your pleasant experience with us should be that, and when all is said and done you should at least be confident in the following:

We treat you with respect.

We understand that we may not be desired guests on your property. Whether we are or we are not, we recognize that we are guests and intend to be respectful of you, our host, even if that respect may not be returned.

The report and opinions were truthful, exhaustive, and based on engineering principles and the laws of physics in addition to the normal standard of care.

We are not scientists and do not practice “junk science.” Our opinions are not guesses and need to be backed up by engineering principles and clearly stated/proven facts.

Our work is conducted according to the laws of your state, the Engineering Code of Ethics, and using engineering principles.

Understand that this means that we cannot engage in a discussion of our work/findings without prior authorization from our client. Furthermore, even with this authorization we may not engage in discourse except for instances of danger to you or the public. The reason for this is simple. At the time of the site visit, our work is not yet complete. No one should ever provide you with professional opinions just “shooting from the hip.” We promise you that we will not do that to you. We take your situation and our work far more seriously than that.

Our opinions owe allegiance to the facts, engineering principles, and laws of physics.

We cannot provide our report directly to you unless you are our client. Our client would need to approve for us to send it to you, but know this: we expect that anyone can see the reports we author, unedited. We have nothing to hide and expect every report to be scrutinized by others.

P.S. – We look forward to our opportunity to see you soon!