What We Do

This page is not an attempt to persuade you that we are a great company. We certainly think we are and work hard every single day to prove this to anyone that we come into contact with. This page is a “just the facts” informational piece to help you understand the nature of what we do and why some might come to conclusions about us that they do. We hope this will give you the proper facts to make your own decision.

A Brief Summary

1. Nederveld employs degreed and licensed professional engineers bound by a Code of Ethics to maintain that license. We are not allowed to engage in conversation on our work except with the client, without their prior approval. We understand how that can get misconstrued by people, but we are bound to this to maintain our professional license.

2. There is a method to address complaints against a licensed engineer. Legitimate complaints or concerns about Nederveld as a company or a specific engineer should be addressed to the state licensing board.

3. Check out Nederveld on your own. Look up the engineers; you will find NO actions against their licenses. (Each state website has a professional license lookup.) Although complaints against Nederveld engineers have been filed, in all cases the full information submitted to the various state agencies was reviewed and the complaints were deemed unsubstantiated, and no action was taken against our engineers.

4. Nederveld proudly maintains an A+ BBB Rating.

5. Our company’s revenue is less than 40% from any particular market segment.

6. Our company’s revenue from any one client is historically less than 7% of the overall business. We are NOT beholden to a client to provide them with an answer besides the truth. The Code of Ethics that we must adhere to, and our morals that we do adhere to, require the result of our work to be truthful.

The Detailed Information

We are a professional service company with licensed professionals; therefore, we are bound by state mandated ethical conduct and to the Code of Ethics by the National Society of Professional Engineers.


Any debate on a post should include ALL information available, as that is how our reports are written. However, the Code of Ethics does not allow us to defend ourselves with specific information because the information related to our work cannot be made public except for the approval by our client. However, many times even if our client gave us approval there are often other privacy laws related to this information preventing us from making the information public.

A common review posted about our team and our company is that “they work for insurance companies.”  Yes, we do. Along with individuals, privately held businesses, municipalities, law firm (plaintiff and defense), and government entities. If the manner of our work related to our clients was such that opinions were as an advocate and not based on facts available we would have long ago been reprimanded by a state licensing board. Further, we make it a focus to have a diverse clientele and diverse type of work. Not only does it make us better engineers and provide a higher quality product at a better value, it also is good business as we diversify our exposure to any one client or industry. In fact, over 60% of our business comes from individuals or privately owned corporations/businesses. Furthermore, our largest client is consistently less than 7% of our business.  

Over 60% of Nederveld’s work comes from individuals or privately owned companies

Just because our work or opinions do not align with someone’s desired results does not mean we are wrong. The question we are asked to answer may not be the main relevant issue to the manner in which a decision is made. This is to say that our reports are engineering reports; they are tools in a larger process. Further, a competing opinion to ours might not be answering the same question or may not have all the same relevant facts. There is no way we could "only work for our client,” provide "them whatever they wanted,” and still be able to conduct business. Our opinions are developed based on the facts alone, regardless of whether those opinions are interpreted as “for” or “against” our clients’ interests.  In fact, it is not uncommon for us to receive a call to work for a business or individual after our report had a negative effect on their situation; they objectively saw the effort put forth to come to a proper conclusion/opinion versus merely a statement with no true correlation to engineering or the facts/data of the matter. Our work is based on the facts and then the application of engineering principles and the laws of physics. Our reports present this, and our process demands this of our team.

Reports based on facts, engineering principles, and the laws of physics

Nederveld is comprised of educated and trained professionals and tradespeople that apply industry standards of care and engineering judgement when performing forensic analysis. We take the time to properly examine, document, evaluate, and assess each situation to ensure we establish an objective basis for our findings that rely upon sound engineering principles and practice. Nederveld engineers are not advocates, but analysts providing findings based upon the available evidence as should be expected with any objective engineering evaluation. We have become known to provide timely, objective, and reliable service to all clients; public, private, organizations, or individuals.

Thank you for taking the time to read about how we do what we do. At the end of the day, we employ great people that want to humbly serve others by providing world-class engineering services.

P.S. – Still have concerns about how Nederveld is conducting business? Please call 800-222-1868 and ask for our President, or CEO. They will gladly listen to your concerns.