What is Weblink? Your Online Toolbox.

Nederveld Weblink lets you communicate and work with Nederveld online any time and gives you access to exclusive information for better insight into your assignments. With your Weblink Toolbox you can:

Submit Assignments

  • Submit new assignments

Manage My Assignments

  • Get up-to-date job status, including the on-site inspection date
  • Confirm project information, including loss location address, insured contact information
  • Direct connect to the investigator or project coordinator via email, phone or cell phone
  • Confirm when the report is due or was completed
  • Download reports, invoices, other project related files
  • Manage evidence associated with the project

Manage Lab Workshops

  • View the extended calendar of lab workshops before it’s publically announced
  • Early registration for lab workshops
  • View a list of lab workshops you have attended
  • Print/Download a certificate for workshops you have attended

Print / Download Reference Materials

  • Checklists
  • Case Studies
  • Service Information

Getting Started

When you click the Register button to submit your information you will receive a confirmation email and Nederveld will configure your account. If you are registering during normal business hours this will be done within several hours. However, if you are registering after hours your account will not be configured until the next business day. After Nederveld has configured your account you will receive a second email telling you that your Weblink account is ready to use.