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Accident Reconstruction
Collision Analysis & Accident Reconstruction
Crash Data Retrieval – How it can help and how it can’t
Collision Investigation Methods
Commercial Vehicle Analysis
Highway Design, Work Zones & Collisions
Low Speed & Minor Damage Collisions

Fire Origin & Cause
Appliance/Product Fires
Burn Patterns
Cellulose Insulation Fires
Chimney Fires
Electrical/Mechanical Fire Causes
Fire Investigation Myths
Fire Origin & Cause
Fire Origin & Cause Determination & Arc Mapping
Methamphetamine Labs
Preserving Fire Scenes
Subrogation: Handling Complex Fire Losses
Vehicle Fires

Product Evaluations
Appliance/Product Fires
Fire Suppression Systems
Frozen Pipes
Household Appliances – Installation Fails
Product Modes of Failure

Structural Evaluations
Building Design
Code Issues
Cold-Weather Structural Damage
Decks, Balconies & Porches
Hail – Roofing
Hail – Siding
Ice Dams
Improper Roof Installation
Structures Damaged by Fire
Proper Ventilation
Tools of the Trade
Water Intrusion in Masonry Construction
Weather Resistive Barriers – House Wrap
Wind and the Building Envelope
Windows & Doors

Vehicle & Heavy Equipment Inspections
Equipment & Service Inspections

Water Intrusion & Mold Evaluations
Water Damage – Finding the Source


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