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Nederveld Wins 2013 AIA Grand Rapids Honor Award

Nederveld received the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Grand Rapids Honor Award for a Building Project for the Fulton Street Farmers Market with its teammates at Lott3Metz Architecture.

The building award is the most difficult of all of the award categories that the AIA awards.  While this was an honorable mention award (second place), it is still a great accomplishment.  Oftentimes the jury does not give out any awards for this category, or the other categories for that matter.

This award marks the fifth AIA award that Nederveld has won, including…..

    2007 AIA Urban Design Award
    2008 AIA Urban Design Award
    2011 AIA Urban Design Award
    2011 AIA Historic Preservation Building Award

There has yet to be an urban design award given to a team that did not have Nederveld as the project lead and this year was no exception.  There were four submitters for that category and no awards given.  These awards are typically juried by a group of architects from another city, this year they were from Boston.

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