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Nederveld Receives Michigan Association of Planning Award

Nederveld has accepted the Michigan Association of Planning (MAP) Outstanding Planning Project Honorable Mention Award for a Project/Program/Tool for the Hudsonville Architectural Design Elements Portfolio and Downtown Master Plan. The award was given at MAP’s annual convention honor awards program on October 1, 2008 in Kalamazoo.

This award recognizes distinguished achievements for a project, program or tool that is a significant advancement to the cause of planning. This category emphasizes results and demonstrates how a project, program or tool implemented a plan. The Architectural Design Elements Portfolio and the Hudsonville Downtown Master Plan have been created as part of Ottawa County’s Urban Smart Growth Demonstration Project. The planning documents represent components of a highly-visual, graphics-based master plan and zoning ordinance that is intended to improve the ability of an urban community to effectively plan for future growth and development.

Criteria for the award includes:

Originality. To what extent are creative and innovative ideas used to address a demonstrated need or problem? How have these ideas expanded the envelope of accepted planning principles and led to a greater level of success?

Transferability. How does the submission provide an example for others? To what extent is the wider application of this submission’s components in the interest of the planning process?

Quality. To what extent does the submission show excellence of thought, analysis, writing, graphics, and applying ethical planning principles? How were the available resources used in a well-conceived and appropriate format to produce results?

Comprehensiveness. How have planning principles been observed, especially in support of other public objectives? To what extent does the submission produce results for other programs important to the local community?

Public Participation. How has the submission encouraged public participation to address the demonstrated need or problem? To what extent has the submission included those left out of similar efforts in the past?

Results. How has the submission addressed the need or problem that prompted its initiation? How have these results made a difference in the lives of the people affected?

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