Winding Creek Circle

Allendale, Michigan




The first phase of construction at Winding Creek Circle in Allendale Township includes 53 Traditional Neighborhood Design style lots ranging from 56 to 80 feet in width.  Over half of the lots are serviced by private rear alleys with rear-loaded garages. The remaining homes have garages that are front-loaded from the street.  These garages are set back from the front of the house, in order to maintain a unified street for a more pleasant pedestrian experience.  In addition, the architecture of the homes features prominent front porches and traditionally inspired details. The streetscape includes concrete sidewalks on both sides of the street along with street trees which aid in defining the outdoor space.  A one-acre park provides a central gathering place and an orienting device for navigation through the neighborhood.  A stream is preserved with generous space along its banks in order to facilitate access throughout the project for residents.