Village of West Olive

Port Sheldon Township, Michigan




Located on approximately seventy acres of property including several blocks of the original village and a portion of the former Austin Family homestead, the Village of West Olive is ideally located to facilitate continued growth.

The design addresses many modern environmental and economic concerns, resulting in a unique blend of affordable home and business sites within an ecologically responsible framework. Street-side rain gardens, permeable pavements and green roofs are a few of the innovative solutions that will help minimize both environmental impact and economic expense.

Two distinct residential neighborhoods will accommodate a variety of homes, including cottages, town homes and single-family houses, along with a traditionally styled mainstreet that will be the center of a broad range of shops and services, including a post office, bank, doctor’s office and corner grocery store. A village hall, community green and public square will provide ample space for farmer’s market, art or music festivals, auctions, or other community events. Networks of pedestrian paths and narrow tree-lined streets will weave together the entire addition, allowing for the seamless integration with the original village and future developments.