The Cottages of Chapel Hill

Holland, Michigan




Ottawa Beach is a summer resort community nestled directly in the historic Ottawa Beach district of Holland.  Not far from this historic cottage area lies an approximately 20 acre parcel known as “The Chapel in the Pines.”  The parcel has a small chapel on a distinctive hill where cottage goers attend an informal Sunday morning worship.  Although the chapel still exists, it is used less and less as other opportunities for worship are available.  The property has grown in foliage, forestry, and beauty over the years, with many overgrown varieties of Michigan trees and pines creating a feeling of warmth amidst the cool waterfront views. 

Chapel Hill will use turn of the century architecture on the exterior of the cottages, which will also include garages accessed from the front, side, and rear of the homes, leaving the tree-lined streets with a pleasant natural feel.  The design also integrates narrow versatile streets which create a feeling of warmth with the already existing forestry of the property.

Chapel Hill will have all of the neighborhood amenities within a quarter-mile radius and additionally, the neighborhood is about a 10 minute walk to Lake Michigan.  Public boat launches, the Anchorage Yacht Club, as well as public lake access points through the hills of Lake Michigan are available for those hoping to spend time near the water. 

A portion of this development could be dedicated as a Private Association Park.  The Park could include an association building at the location of the existing Chapel.  This park will preserve open space for all to use while providing a place to congregate.  Chapel Hill’s open spaces are gathering places for social interaction, recreational space, and preservation of the natural features for the entire neighborhood.