Southwest Area Neighborhood

Grand Rapids, Michigan




Nederveld planners have been working with the Southwest Area Neighbors Association (SWAN) to develop an area specific plan for their neighborhood, which is eventually intended to be adopted into the City of Grand Rapids’ Master Plan. The group was formed by local residents and business owners to combat a large amount of commercial growth nearby which seemed to be compromising the unique character of their neighborhood.  Nederveld recently led a one-day charrette for the group, where the residents and business owners were encouraged to express their thoughts and opinions on the best features of their neighborhood as well as the features that could be improved.  Based on the feedback from the charrette, the planners generated a concept plan, which was then presented to the group in the first of a series of feedback loops. During the process of these feedback meetings, the plan will be refined to a point where it can be utilized as an area specific plan.  The final plan will most likely feature an increased amount of mixed-use retail along West Fulton, in addition to an increased density of residential housing varieties. This housing will include townhouses, lofts, apartments and single-family homes.