Mona Terrace Redevelopment

Muskegon Heights, Michigan




Muskegon Heights welcomes a new neighborhood to be located on the site of a former waste water treatment facility.  Designed on the principles of The Congress for the New Urbanism, one of the highlights of this brownfield site is the traditional architecture of the single family homes and rowhouses.  As the planners, architects and engineers, Nederveld has designed the plan as a pedestrian friendly, walkable environment, containing tree lined streets and rear alleys for garage access. The streets are designed in a grid pattern to allow connectivity for vehicles as well as pedestrians.

All units within the project will be for sale units. They will range in prices that will cater to first time home buyers, young professionals and empty nesters. Programs will be available to assist first time home buyers.

The site will be redeveloped in coordination with the State of Michigan and the City of Muskegon Heights to assure environmental clean up. In an effort to reduce storm water release from the site, low impact design aspects will be introduced to manage storm water on site in a natural way. Through a sustainable design, Nederveld will work to see that this site is one of the first to be LEED certified.

The development team of Mona Terrace consists of local business leaders who recognize the need for quality new homes that cater to a wide range of home buyers. Redeveloping within the City of Muskegon Heights allows existing infrastructure to be used, and provides revitalization of an under utilized site.

This project was selected by the United States Environmental Protection Agency to be one of only five RCRA (Resource Conservation and Recovery Act) Pilot Projects in the country.  These projects were chosen as the best examples of Brownfield redevelopment and to be models for future projects.  This project was also featured by the EPA at Brownfield seminars in Spain and Chicago, Illinois.