Midtown Neighborhood Brikyaat Charrette

Grand Rapids, Michigan




The Midtown Neighborhood Association hired Nederveld along with Lott3Metz Architecture and Past Perfect of Grand Rapids to lead a visioning process in the Brikyaat quarter of the Midtown Neighborhood in Grand Rapids. The process allowed residents, business owners and neighborhood investors to identify their “ideal community” for use in forming plans for the future configuration of the neighborhood. 

The resulting master plan includes a reconfigured farmers market on the east side of the neighborhood, proposed multi-family to transition from the market to the existing preserved single-family homes, and sensitive residential infill to the existing urban fabric.  Additionally, the Fulton Street Business Corridor is augmented with mixed-use infill buildings with storefronts at the street level.

Planning is now complete for the project and the final phase of the project is commencing. This implementation phase will integrate the concept plan into an area specific plan that will become part of the City of Grand Rapids Master Plan.  This will become one of the first area specific plans to be implemented in Grand Rapids from a neighborhood scale.