Lakeview Place

Muskegon, Michigan




This urban infill project is on a greyfield site within the City of Muskegon.  The project’s intent is to create reinvestment, provide urban residences and re-establish an urban presence in downtown Muskegon.  This will be accomplished by utilizing traditional urbanism that is pedestrian friendly and contextually sensitive while providing interesting architecture.

Lakeview Place will encompass a new city block and follow the principals established by sound traditional urbanism.  The project will include twenty two-story row houses with English basements, a three-story mixed-use building and a small liner retail building to mask on-site parking from the street.

The row houses will be sited in an urban manner with a small front yard of approximately ten feet.  These attached dwellings will create a coherent street frontage that will help to define the public realm.  The row houses will be built with brick veneer and precast stone accents on the fronts and sides.  All garages will be in the rear of the buildings, with some rowhouses having detached garages and a private rear yard and the remaining rowhouses having attached garages.

The mixed-use building will be three stories with retail at the street level and residential on the upper floors.  The street level retail will have traditional storefront design with a base, a shopfront window, a transom and a horizontal sign band.

The liner retail building will be a building that can either accommodate retail or office within a small building footprint.  The intent of this building is to screen the parking from the street and to give a defined street edge at this location.  The liner building will have a traditional storefront similar to that of the mixed-use building.