College Park

Holland, Michigan




College Park is in response to the redevelopment of a brownfield adjacent to the City of Holland.  With its proximity to a thriving college and downtown Holland, it provides a much needed threshold to the city along East 8th Street.

The concept plans for mixed-use retail, a grocery store, a movie theater, a 100 room hotel, buildings for university use, student apartments, and rowhouses.  All of these uses are integrated into a fine grain densely woven urban fabric to create what the developer has coined a “24-hour village.” 

The “village” intends to have a mix of housing options and prices and a dynamic mix of uses all within a short walk of Holland’s downtown and many recently completed academic and sports facilities of the college.

The coherent block structure is tied together with vibrant tree-lined streets.  Parking happens with three parking decks and on-street parking.  The residential blocks that house student apartments are modeled after traditional campus blocks, with internal courtyards.