City of Hudsonville Architectural Design Elements Portfolio

Hudsonville, Michigan




The City of Hudsonville was selected to participate in Ottawa County’s Urban Smart Growth Demonstration Project.  The project was developed to demonstrate that urban communities have the ability to attract and retain new and existing residents despite trends occurring in a majority of urban areas where residents are moving out of the cities and into more rural places.

The primary goal of the project is to create a highly visual, graphics-based master plan and zoning ordinance that will improve the ability of Hudsonville, and ultimately other cities in the region, to effectively plan for future growth and development.

As the initial stage of this demonstration project, Nederveld was selected to engage the city’s citizens through dynamic public meetings in order to ascertain key elements for the future vision of Hudsonville. These intensive meetings, held in conjunction with the Small Town Design Initiative at Michigan State University, lasted for six-months and led to the crafting of an overall image for the city. This image was embraced by everyone involved, leading to a comprehensive community buy-in.

Subsequently, Nederveld began to craft the first document related to this project, The Hudsonville Architectural Design Elements Portfolio. This portfolio, developed in conjunction with the city and county, was created as a means to compile a variety of images and renderings that illustrate the intended character of the City of Hudsonville and to serve as an architectural guidebook for the community.

The illustrations in this portfolio were developed as a result of the public meetings and have been adopted into the city’s zoning ordinance.  The style that was ultimately embraced by the community for this portfolio reflects the existing small-town character that the community wants to maintain as well as the vibrant and pedestrian-friendly environment that it wants to create in the community’s downtown shopping district.