Nederveld is first and foremost a client centered company with the resources to meet your needs. Our full line of services from land planning to engineering to surveying will take your project from start to finish through a successful implementation strategy.

At Nederveld, we recognize that we hold the keys to your success. A well designed plan and thought out approval strategy are necessary for you to achieve that success. More than just lines on a paper, a plan must meet the demands of buyers. And most of all, your vision must become a reality physically and financially.

We have the experts on staff to guide your project through the entire development process. We know what it takes to achieve the necessary entitlements and will work to make sure your approved plan is exactly what you envisioned. Our ability to establish a relationship with the key stakeholders in the development process is an asset you need in your corner.

Along with a wide range of service offerings, we have a strong understanding of each step of the process. We will not just design a plan and turn it over to you for approvals. Our project leaders have achieved approvals on many projects of different scopes and sizes. Our engineering and surveying teams will work to make sure your plan is not "watered down" from the original design concept. Having this team under one roof will ensure your success on your next project.

We have many resources to secure project success. By allowing us to assist you on the implementation of your next project, you will experience a different approach. We can bring in all the pieces needed to see to it your project is a success. From site selection and due diligence, to market studies and financial cost analysis, we will make sure your project will fit your plan. Additionally, our team of professional engineers will guide you through the entitlement phase to see your project built.

We are ready to show you how successful you can be. Allow us the opportunity to be of service to you.