Mixed Use & TND

The Nederveld team understands what it takes to achieve approvals for your complex mixed-use projects. The process by which some mixed-use or traditional neighborhood projects are reviewed and approved can be difficult within the ordinances of some municipalities. Our team of professionals understands how to navigate this maze of entitlements to achieve project approval.

Whether your project is of the scale that requires a design Charrette or just simply municipal approval, we can help. Our team can find a way to fit your vision into the current zoning, or assist the municipality to create and adopt the appropriate zoning. Each project requires a different process and strategy, and our professional staff understands the different methods for approvals.

We have a team at Nederveld that can help with each aspect of the approval process. Your plans will not be compromised by an outside engineering firm. No matter where your project is located, our team can walk you through the process. Our planners are experts in traditional neighborhood designs as well as the appropriate ways to mix uses, allowing for a fully integrated plan. Our engineers can either pre-design or fully design your site for the necessary approvals.

If you are having trouble with plan changes through your approval process, allow us to help. Our diverse team of professionals will strategize, design, coordinate and achieve approvals.

Allow us to coach you through the entire entitlement process. The experience we have will ultimately lead to a successful project where your vision will become a reality.