Civil Engineering

Subdivisions & Condominiums

For many years, Nederveld has held a reputation of expertise in designing the streets and utilities for platted subdivisions and condominium projects.

These projects make up the bulk of West Michigan’s new homesites.  As a result, the quality of our design process is scrutinized thousands of times each year. Each time it rains, residents of our engineered subdivisions can be confident that their homes will stay safe and dry. Each time someone turns on their water faucet, they know that they will receive a reliable supply of water. And each homeowner rests assured that the sanitary sewer system works as designed and carries away the wastewater to the local wastewater treatment plant.

Our clients appreciate the way we recognize and solve problems in our engineering process – we truly care that they are able to market their projects free of post-construction glitches.

We team up with our clients to create a product that truly meets their needs. Each lot or building site is designed to achieve the goals of our client – and then we double and triple-check our own design with intense scrutiny to make sure that we deliver the product that our client wants.

Of course, timeliness is as important as the design. We understand the importance of meeting deadlines, and we work with persistent urgency to deliver our design on time so that the project can be constructed and brought to market.

Finally, we pay strict attention to the budgets of our clients. We recognize that both the fees that we charge and the engineering designs of our projects affect the bottom line for our clients. As a result, we have adopted strict engineering design methods and processes to ensure that the subdivisions and condominiums that we design meet the established budgetary goals of our clients.