Civil Engineering

Site Construction Management

Our site construction management team ensures that our designs get built properly, and that the overall vision and goals of the project are followed through. With decades of work in road construction oversight and real-world construction crew experience, our construction management team is second to none in bringing a construction site from raw land to a quality, well-executed project that is ready for the market.

Our team coordinates testing for quality assurance and quality control throughout the infrastructure building process. We review construction pay requests, and make recommendations for payment based on our review of the work performed. We also act as a liaison between our clients, our design engineers, and the general contractor.

Of course, variables and challenges are bound to arise during the course of construction, and the true measure of a successful project often comes in addressing unexpected difficulties. A key component of Nederveld’s success in construction management is consistent and clear communication from our team to those involved in the project. Our years of experience and expertise mean that we bring common sense solutions in a timely manner so that deadlines and budgets can be met.

When it comes to protecting our valuable natural resources, our construction site managers vigorously enforce rules to prevent soil erosion and sedimentation. They are all are trained in National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) rules and regulations, and they ensure that Best Management Practices are followed during site construction.