Civil Engineering

Private Waste Water Facilties

There has been a lot of discussion in the news media recently about the quality and quantity of our groundwater supply and protection of our inland lakes and streams. From industrial pollution to sedimentation to invasive species, our valuable waters are under assault from countless sources.

Out of concern for public health and the protection of our water supply, many public health officials will not allow on-site septic systems in areas where the soils will not adequately treat and convey wastewater. Instead, alternative methods must be employed that allow for new home sites to be built, while still preserving key natural resources and protecting our water supply.

As a result of our commitment to providing for today’s needs while preserving our valuable resources for future generations, Nederveld promotes a proven alternative method of treating wastewater in a sustainable, ecologically sound manner. This proven method is the Private Wastewater Treatment Facility (PWTF).

In a residential subdivision, sanitary sewer pipes deliver raw sewage from individual homes to the Private Wastewater Treatment Facility. The PWTF then treats and cleans the sewage flow, converting it into a clear liquid that is clean enough to discharge into a lake, stream, or into the ground.

The process of securing approvals for Private Wastewater Treatment Facilities is both lengthy and complex. Because of the environmental importance, many regulatory hurdles must be overcome, and many plans undergo intense scrutiny. Fortunately, Nederveld is the respected leader for Private Wastewater Treatment Facilities, and we have successfully secured many such systems over the past five years.