Landscape Architecture

At Nederveld, we embrace the complexities and challenges of every project and view them as opportunities to make a positive difference for our clients, their properties, and our communities. Whether collaborating with members of our own multidisciplinary firm or other outside professionals, we cherish the opportunity to bring together a collective intelligence to our designs and problem solving capabilities.

Residential Design

Maximizing outdoor living space is carefully planned to enhance the user’s experience and add value to the property by creating an extension of the home. 

  • Outdoor Rooms
  • Sense of Arrival
  • Design for Privacy
  • Visual Enhancement

Commercial Design

Impacting the visitor experience with intentionally designed space will increase the property value and community alike.

  • Stimulates private investment in the best use of public property
  • Strengthens the neighborhood’s public realm, connectivity, and other urban fundamentals
  • Catalyzes new jobs, residences, and increased tax base

Recreational Design

Improving visitor usage with strategic design solutions provide both functional and visual enhancements that will create a use of space balance for all needs.

  • Preserves Nature
  • Attracts Adults and Children
  • Satisfies Future Reuse
  • Improves Safety

Institutional Design

Designing plans that incorporate flexibility allows for modifications to be made in the future to accommodate expansions and/or use changes.

  • Stays within Budget
  • Increases Visitors
  • Grows Circulation
  • Includes Expansion Planning

Urban Spaces and Streetscapes

Understanding the public realm and knowing how people use streets, parking, plazas and rooftops impacts the financial and emotional value of the community. 

Every detail of these critical spaces is noted as we work closely with municipalities, stakeholders and neighbors to create spaces that add to the emotional, financial and aesthetic value of a community.  When designed properly, well thought out urban landscapes can help invigorate a space immediately, and for years to come.