Economic & Community Development

One of the more notable trends in the 21st century is the resurgence of the American small town, once overlooked by many for the promise of newer homes and bigger spaces offered by the suburbs.
The small town offers today‚Äôs generation an opportunity to spend less time commuting in their automobiles from place to place.  More and more, people are finding that they want to be within walking distance (or a short bike ride) to theaters, restaurants, bars, shopping, and even their jobs.  The small town offers all of these.

For a long time, though, small towns were ignored and even abandoned.  Its infrastructure was poorly maintained; and the rich character of its downtown buildings was allowed to deteriorate.  Fortunately, there are now vast opportunities for small towns and villages to revitalize their street fronts and bring back economic vitality.

At Nederveld, we are committed to help small cities, towns and villages across Michigan realize their vision of a brighter, more vibrant economy, nicer place to be and more robust future.