Charrettes & Visioning

Nederveld strives to create quality contextual places through an inclusive and collaborative public process. We sincerely believe that most projects, particularly those requiring larger scale planning, will have a better chance at success with input from a variety of stakeholders. The Charrette process is the preferred method for this collaboration because it has proven to be the best way to not only gather input, but also to attain results.

Multiple Nederveld team members are Certified Charrette Planners (CCP), through the National Charrette Institute (NCI). This training and expertise allows our members to have key skills and insight into facilitating stakeholder meetings. Whether there is a need to have a full Charrette or simply utilize fundamental techniques in meeting facilitation, our planning staff can meet the needs of many different sized projects. It is our goal to establish working partnerships with residents, business owners and public officials, in order to create the optimum growth plan for our communities and neighborhoods.

What is a Charrette?

Find out at the National Charrette Institute