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Land Surveying


Our survey group, led by our experienced team of Professional Surveyors, can assist you in the procurement of an ALTA/NSPS survey to facilitate a real estate transaction or new construction project. We work closely with real estate professionals, attorneys, lenders, developers and title insurance professionals to make sure the ALTA survey adds value to your transaction.

A brief synopsis of the creation of the ALTA/NSPS survey is as follows. The American Land Title Association (ALTA) and the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) worked together to create a survey with specific needs, with regard to title insurance matters, which require particular information for acceptance by title insurance companies when said companies are asked to insure title to land without exception.

In the general interest of the public, the surveying profession, title insurers and abstracters, ALTA and NSPS jointly set forth details and criteria for standards in the 2016 Minimum Standard Detail Requirements for ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys.

The ALTA survey can be tailored to your needs by using the Table A Checklist, which is a list of options that allow for flexibility in detail for the ALTA survey based on the type of transaction you have. A new construction project, for example, would benefit from having existing topography shown on the ALTA survey in order to engineer the site plan for the proposed improvements. Alternatively, topography might not make sense, or add value, to a transaction where the existing structure is new and will not necessitate improvement in the near future.