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Land Surveying

Surveying is much more an art than a science.

Uncovering historic facts and researching past practices are keys to the art of surveying.  The practices of ancient times are met today by the technological advances in equipment.  Even with all the advances in technology, we often have to look to history for the answers to complex surveying challenges.

Our team is led by licensed professional surveyors using the latest equipment the industry has to offer and is one of the largest in Michigan. This allows us to be uniquely responsive to our clients’ time schedules. Our survey staff has the flexibility to field numerous experienced two-person survey crews.  We believe that our financial commitment to having the best available equipment possible makes us one of the most efficient choices for your surveying needs.

All of our survey crews use robotic total stations with the latest in hand-held data collection equipment. Crews using these instruments have consistently shown an increase in productivity over crews using conventional total stations with data collectors. Survey crews regularly use Trimble GPS equipment on projects involving large networks for state plane coordinate determination, state remonumentation efforts, wetlands determination and utility inventories.

This investment in technology allows us to service our clients in the most efficient way possible.  Our clients consistently compliment us on our timeliness, accuracy and overall customer service.  Allow us the opportunity to show you how today’s technology, joined together with historic practices, can lead to the success of your project.