Civil Engineering

Our engineering team specializes primarily in new development in the private sector.  Nederveld offers a full range of engineering design services for new residential communities, commercial site plans, office developments, industrial parks and urban redevelopment.

Nederveld’s engineering team focuses on meeting the needs of our clients with unmatched service and intentionality. We consider ourselves to be a partner in the development process – our clients can count on our engineers to come up with the right answers to tough challenges, recognize and avoid potential downsides, and provide the best solutions again and again.

The engineers and designers at Nederveld offer extraordinary talent and a wealth of experience.  Our staff has earned the confidence of municipal officials, county agencies and state offices.  Nederveld works closely with these regulatory entities to ensure compliance with their requirements, while fully meeting all the needs and goals of our clients.

We understand that each project we design is important to our client, the new community and the environment. Because the success of the project is crucial to our client, we actively involve them in the entire design process so that the finished product fully meets or exceeds their expectations. Because the design is important to the future residents of the new community, we carefully plan and design the new infrastructure to be safe and reliable.  And because what we design impacts the environment around all of us, we thoughtfully design each site to integrate the built product in harmony with the natural resources that surround it.