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Paying for flood insurance?

You may not need it. Without an elevation certificate your insurance rate defaults to the highest flood risk category.

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High Definition Scanning

Providing Solutions – Our team of surveying professionals are capable of solving even the most complex of surveying and engineering problems with the High Definition Scanning/Surveying (HDS) state of the art technology. Clients are provided with unprecedented speed, accuracy and resolution in field data collection. Our high definition scans and digital photos will provide a greater level of confidence in the accuracy and comprehensiveness of your project.

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Muskegon Unanimously Adopts Form-Based Code

Nederveld is pleased to announce that the recently completed Muskegon Form-Based Code was formally adopted by both the city and planning commissions. 

The new zoning provides form-based regulations for downtown Muskegon based on the vision and objectives of the previously completed Master Plans.  Having a form-based code makes the approval process easier and creates context areas that enable dense, compact, urban mixed-use form while also considering connectivity, walkability, and livability within the city’s core.

Rapid Growth Media Article –

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