Architecture, Construction, Education

Round Gymnasium Facility Renovation

Public School System

How do you begin to go about renovating a gymnasium that has a round footprint? In the center of the gym is the basketball court with an outer second level running track and spectator area for watching the events. The architect began the project by contacting Nederveld to scan the entire facility to accurately capture the distinctive characteristics.

Scope of Project

The architect requested a complete two-line, as-built drawing of the facility compatible with Autodesk’07 software. This deliverable would be the foundation and the “standard” drawing of the project. Every trade involved in this project will produce a better fabrication because they have a better understanding of the facility using the two-line drawing.

Cost Savings or ROI

After the design began, the architect requested that we return to the site and provide the data for the basketball lines. This was not included in the original scope of work, therefore not included the original deliverable. However, because the scanner captures everything, we were able to extract the data from the orignal scanned file and easily add it to the two-line drawing without revisiting the site. The updated deliverable was emailed to the project manager the next day.


By starting with the accurate as-built drawing from the scanned data, the project went very well – no site revisits, change orders, etc. The only extra cost came from the drafting time for the basketball lines and owner preference changes.