Building Information Modeling, Facility & MEP

New Equipment for Production Line

Equipment Manufacturer

A beverage manufacturing company wanted to add a large piece of equipment into their juice line to increase productivity. Several concerns were raised about the size of the unit, the available space and complying with safety codes. All this information needed to be analyzed before the company could make the investment.

Scope of Project

Before starting the renovation process the manufacturer wanted to verify the likelihood of the new equipment fitting into the proposed space. Nederveld was able to provide that information by scanning the proposed area as well as the piece of equipment and then merging the two scans. The merging occurred while the data remained in scanned form. Once the information was verified, Nederveld provided a two-line diagram CADD file of the space for use during the engineering of the installation.

Cost Savings or ROI

The cost to scan this project was about the same as a survey team visiting the site once. However, during our scanning time the production line was able to operate as normal without any interruptions. There was also a savings from not having to re-visit the site to re-measure, allowing the engineers to stay in the office and be more productive.