Building Information Modeling, Construction, Facility & MEP

MEP Environmental Conditions


Specified to be a Building Information Modeling (BIM) project, a local engineering firm was hired to install new and updated equipment in a complex mechanical space. Approximately 1,234 square-feet in size, this large, out dated mechanical space had four chillers and over 35 pumps performing various functions. Both new technology and new chillers were installed, reusing existing ceiling areas and wall connections. Many of the piping and tubing lines were filled with complex angles. Before locking them into place, they would be fabricated off-site.

Scope of Project

Nederveld was hired by the firm to scan the current space before the design work began and then model the space in Revit MEP software. This scan would become the foundation of the project used by our client’s engineers to design the renovations.

Cost Savings or ROI

The overall expense of our scanning and modeling services were extremely cost effective, given the complexity of the space and its many components and connections. Our client saved extensive time and overhead costs associated with multiple on-site visits and extensive drafting and modeling time. Our distinct one-man team completed the scan in three days and the modeling in nine, thus allowing our client to keep their design engineers in the office driving billable hours.


By utilizing our laser scanning and BIM services to produce a precise foundation model, the client’s design work and invoice hours were more efficient.