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Historic Church

Measuring the Steeple for Remodeling

A church was in desperate need to repair and restore its old and very tall steeple. It was important to them to restore it to its historic state but blue prints were not available. The steeple had ornate scrolls – the cornices and venting that were deteriorating were occupied by pigeons. The approved project was solely based on an estimate and now they needed an actual cost for the repairs.

Scope of Project

The contractor requested that Nederveld scan the steeple and provide accurate 3D as-built drawings for them to use in the restoration process. They also requested CAD drawings of the ornate pieces and cross sections for remanufacturing the replacement pieces.

Cost Savings or ROI

The decision to scan the steeple and create the required as-built deliverables were lower than the cost of the delivery and the 5-day lift rental. The other savings factors the contractor experienced was not having the labor costs for a two-man team for 3 days to measure the steeple, the removal of the ornate pieces to bring back to the shop to model from and then create the needed CAD drawings for the custom manufacturing shop to fabricate the new ornate pieces.


Using Nederveld’s complete array of services in the HDS division, our client experienced a simplified, safer and more complete data collection process at a fraction of the predicted cost.