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As Built Data for Metal Panel Soffits

Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital

The panel installer was responsible for providing accurate as-built dimensions to the manufacturer for the patient drop-off area, which was the covered end of the oval shaped building. The unique covered area of the building created a football shaped area for the drive through space. The risk of error was very high for traditional data-gathering methods. The average panel cost was well over $600 with a lead-time of no less than 5 weeks.

Scope of Project

Our field measuring specialty services were requested by the installer. Using our High Definition Scanning experience to capture the complex measurements of the as-built surfaces. The raw data collected was provided to the drafting department to process the 2D line-work requested by the manufacturer. This football shaped area had 120 panels with an additional 130 accent panels in the perimeter area. The design had 41 vents and 12 columns that the panels had to fit around. The field measurement time took a day and a half and the as-built drawings took an additional 6 days. In total, we were able to provided 873 measurements and cross measurements as required by the manufacturer for production. The panels were manufactured and shipped based on the data we provided. A quick prayer was said over panels right before the installers went to work. After two weeks of assembling the puzzle, the project was complete. Not one panel was left extra panels were ordered...every panel fit into place. The project was a success, completed without any issues. The only surprise in this project was that all the panels fit together perfectly, which one installer said “ this typically tends to only happen on the second full moon of the same month.”

Cost Savings or ROI

The costs saved was enormous. The savings in measuring and drafting was minimal compared to that of the approved panel installation bid. The installation line item budget for ESP (errors some place) ended up turning into pure profit for the client.