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Prefabricated Skylight

Helen DeVos Children's Hospital

Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital needed the as-built conditions of an existing concrete oval in the hospital’s chapel roof for the proper fitting and installation of an eight-foot diameter skylight window which would provide additional ambient lighting. The existing oval in the chapel roof had already been fabricated and was secured by the concrete pour according to the design drawings, however the exact geometry of the skylight had never been defined.

Scope of Project

By utilizing its scanning capabilities, Nederveld was able to document the original oval opening in the roof as well as provide documentation of the already installed above-roof light gage studs. This information was necessary because the final design angle and position of the 8’ window would project a much larger oval footprint than the existing oval in the roof. However, the support ring for the skylight had to fit within the original oval shape without interference. Nederveld superimposed its scan onto the existing CAD drawings from the original oval design. The combined layout showed very minor imperfections: the steel erection had one location slightly outside the tolerance specifications; the light gage studs had one location slightly higher than what was indicated in the design drawings; the vertical support had to be adjusted so there was no bearing weight on the light gage studs. With the exact dimensions and tolerances now in place, it was easy to fabricate the exact shape to fit into the existing conditions without any interference.

Cost Savings or ROI

By starting with the accurate as-built drawing from the scanned data, the skylight window was installed within 10 minutes and fit perfectly the first time. There were no site revisits, change orders, etc. This greatly increased productivity, quality and project success.