Building Information Modeling, Utility

Energy Substation Improvements

Energy Company

In an attempt to better serve their growing community, a regional energy company acquired an existing substation which required necessary and precise updates and improvements.

Scope of Project

The existing utility documentation stood fragmented. Nederveld, Inc. was contracted by the local utility company to scan and model the current space before design work could begin. This scan would become the core foundation of the project that all design work would be based on. Rather than contending with a barbed wire barrier, Nederveld elected to use laser scanning technology to accurately gather data point information from outside the restricted barrier.

Cost Savings or ROI

Through laser scanning and building information modeling, the team was able to provide a workable foundation model to use as a starting point for the client’s design and expansion work. The central key was not in identifying the components of the substation, rather it was isolating exact locations of existing objects which allowed the design team to effortlessly modify drawing concepts in the condensed area. As a result of using laser scanning and the precision of 3D modeling, the accuracy of the client’s design work proved to be flawless.