Architecture, Building Information Modeling, Facility & MEP, Utility

Energy Substation

Energy Company

A local utility company acquired an existing substation that was in need of updates and improvements to better serve the growing community. The documentation was incomplete and Nederveld was asked to scan and model the area. Rather than collecting measurements within the secured area we elected to use laser scanning technology to gather the entire area from outside the barbed-wire barrier.

Scope of Project

The request was to model the area and provide a foundation model to use as a starting point for their re-design and expansion. Our offering did not include identifying the components of the substation, rather to provide the exact locations of objects in 3D so that they were easily identifiable.

Cost Savings or ROI

The value added service was in the accuracy of the modeled objects throughout the substation. The model allowed the client the ability to easily move and design new items in the area. Incidentally, overhead wire locations became important while determining “sag” of the lines.


As a result of our use of laser scanning, the client was able to work more efficiently with the accurate data and provide better planning for new components.