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BIM Construction

Building Verification for Model – National Retailer

A national retailer, our client, is very hands-on during the initial stages of construction and only constructs using Building Information Modeling (BIM). They understand that if the project has challenges in the early stages of construction it will only compound the issues and raise the overall project cost. Premature problems delay the finish date which results in higher construction costs as well as delaying the scheduled retail opening date. This has the potential to cost the retailer hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost profits.

Scope of Project

Nederveld’s High Definition Scanning team was hired by the national retailer to scan the initial stages of completed construction and then compare those scans to the structural model. It was essential in verifying that the newly erected steel was within the tight tolerances required for the envelope enclosures to begin. Following the data collection and comparison by the Nederveld team, the results were reviewed with the client and subsequent changes were made to keep the remainder of construction process on schedule.

Cost Savings or ROI

The savings on this project occurred over and over again throughout the entire construction process. Our services minimized the interruptions of the construction timeline, reduced the number of change orders needed and dramatically lowered the risk to the contractor for revisions and errors.