Building Information Modeling, Utility

Utility Company

Ash Piping

Part of the utility company’s facilities expansion required new piping to be snaked up through a seven-story chase. They were concerned with the clashing of the existing piping and other objects being in the way of the new piping that was to be installed in the tower. Knowing that the cavity had been modified multiple times, the utility company acknowledged that the as-built drawings were incomplete.

Scope of Project

Nederveld was able to deliver a 3D Model of the chase with all the existing piping for each of the seven stories from the scanned data files. The model was provided to the engineering team to determine the best route for the new piping. Much of the large piping was to be pre-manufactured, with some of the components needing to be assembled on site.

Cost Savings or ROI

The utility company’s cost for Nederveld providing the accurate 3D Model of the space was significantly less than the cost to attempt to compile all the data from old data collection methods, multiple drawings and incomplete diagrams. The ultimate savings came from tighter bidding parameters and better pricing.


The pre-engineering and pre-manufacturing of the piping components significantly reduced the field cost in the construction process.