Smart Survey your campus with our pre-design and engineering data collection services utilizing high definition scanning. Your entire campus can be pieced together in one 3D model. Our deliverable allows you to virtually walk through your campus in minutes while stationed in your office. Smart Surveys enable advance virtual construction and is an intelligent asset management tool. It also automatically provides incidental data beyond your scope of work . . . costing you nothing to capture, but is worth millions of dollars.

• Auburn University
• Bradley University
• Central Michigan University
• Davenport University
• Indiana University
• Ivy Tech
• Loyola University
• Michigan State University
• Monmouth University
• University of Iowa
• University of Louisville
• University of Michigan
• University of Notre Dame
• University of South Florida
• University of Texas
• Western Michigan University


University of Michigan – Alice Lloyd Building
Renovation Construction
Ann Arbor, Michigan

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